Elanors Worldwide

Our services covers MENA and EU regions. Including Systems and Networks Security Solutions, Communication and IT Solutions. Merketing and Research. Graphics and Web Design. Sales and Distribution

Our Services

  • Information Technology

    We cover all your needs from Security, Servers, Storages, Databases, and Networks, you name it.

  • Research and Marketing

    We provide a wide-range of marketing solutions, with research and reports about current market, in any domain.

  • Design

    Our special design team, will cover all your needs, starting with your logo, until every detail of your web page.


Our work covered all MENA and EU regions with 1k satisfied customers. By taking data from our previous project, we succussfully implemented a number of Ethernet and Wireless Networks, Configured about 8k file servers and storage systems, and Built 4k Servers and Domain Systems.

  • 5,120 Ethernet Networks
  • 8,192 Folders in File Servers
  • 2,048 Wireless Networks
  • 4,096 Computers and Servers
  • 1,024 Satisfied Customers

Our engineers, holds certification from major IT companies (Microsoft, Cisco) as well as having ISO27k Certificates in Auditing and Security. We have experts in Marketing and Research, who can analyze any market, and generate reports about a specific products based on market needs. Our sales team provide out-sourcing solutions to help companies sell and distribute their products. Our talent team consist of designers that creates eye-catching content that will capture the heart of your customers.

Our Branches

Headquarters: Istanbul - Turkey

Telephone: +90 534 074 3184

Email: souliman@elanors.net

Email: hosam@elanors.net

Branch Office: Hamburg - Germany

Telephone: +49 176 804 23394

Email: ahmad@elanors.net

Branch Office: Dubai - United Arab Emarites

Telephone: +971 557 697 269

Email: moayyad@elanors.net

Email: aladin@elanors.net

Branch Office: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +966 501 778 210

Email: amer@elanors.net

Branch Office: Damascus - Syria

Telephone: +963 932 678 452

Email: walid@elanors.net